Jackson Heights People for Public Schools

Jackson Heights People for Public Schools was active from 2012 to 2020. It still exists as a GoogleGroup (jh-people-for-public-schools@googlegroups.com) and a Facebook page.


  1. Jackson Heights has excellent public schools. They receive positive feedback from parents who choose them. Our schools offer strong music and arts programs, dual-language bilingual programs, and have beautiful classrooms and technology facilities.
  2. Teachers at our schools tend to stay, so they have years of experience, a strong factor in student success.
  3. Being able to walk or bike to school creates a lot less stress on children and family life, provides opportunity for exercise, and saves commute time and money.
  4. Positive values are fostered in children when they learn and play with the people in their community. Research shows that schools integrated by ethnicity and income benefit all children, including students from higher-income families. Research also shows that when higher-income parents self-segregate their children into whiter and wealthier schools, this perpetuates racism and classism among children.
  5. Parent involvement is key to student and school success. It is so much easier for parents to be involved when the school is nearby.
  6. Conservative and private interests seek to end our public education system. They know there is great profit to be made in education. Some cities have largely dismantled their public education system (New Orleans, Philadelphia). A democratic society requires a strong public education system that is integrated- especially by income. Choosing and supporting a local zoned public school is part of defending public education for all children and for our children’s future.

Please consider your zoned public school!