We have New York State and City requirements and guidelines that enumerate the amount of time for arts and PE instruction students should have. For example:

  • Children in grades 1 through 3 should be receiving ONE HOUR PER DAY of arts instruction equally allocated in music, art, dance and theater.

  • K-6 students must participate in PE for at least 120 minutes per week.

Only 25% of NYC elementary students are getting the required gym time.

Click here to read more about New York City and State Arts Guidelines

Click here to read more about New York State Physical Education Requirements


The NYC Department of Education has a new initiative, called PE Works, that aims to address deficiencies in physical education in NYC schools.

The program is being implemented in three cohorts of districts across the city. District 30 is in Cohort II and District 24 is in Cohort III. More information about cohorts can be found here.

You can contact the PE Works staff at the DOE at